Hiking at Yosemite


This year, my family’s spring break included a trip to Yosemite National Park.  It was my first time to visit Yosemite and I was very excited about getting away for some quality family time and seeing the beauty of nature and breathing fresh clean air.  The drive into Yosemite is very beautiful. As you drive through the winding roads to get to the areas to hike, there is a tunnel, which comes out at a brilliant overlook with a view of the waterfall in the distance. I knew I had to be able to see this waterfall up close.  It turns out that there are several waterfalls to see in Yosemite. Together we all decided that Vernal Falls would be the best hike for our day.  It was a very steep and challenging hike to the top, but very rewarding.  I was really proud of my daughter, who is 12 now, as she didn’t complain even one time about being tired or wanting to turn back.  She has never made such a long hike, especially up 700 icy, slippery steps.  The melting snow off the mountain tops provided a very powerful waterfall.  We were showered all along the hike with the falls and the temperature varied quite a bit from the bottom to the top. We took lots of breaks, found a nice spot at the top to sit and eat snacks, and took lots of pictures.  It felt like quite an accomplishment to look over from the top and see the magnitude of the amount of hiking that we finished. It made family time that much more rewarding and memories of a Spring Break trip we will never forget!

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