My love of music


Listening to music for me is almost one of life’s “necessities.”  The best job I had (before being part of HRC) was working at a record store, Musicland, while I was going to high school in the San Fernando Valley.  Although I have an appreciation for all music genres, musicals are my favorite.

This Thanksgiving I fulfilled a bucket list item with my family by going to New York and seeing a Broadway Musical.  Better still, we saw Hamilton.  Mike Pence made headlines seeing the show one week before we were there.

It is makes me especially happy to know that my high school teenagers have introduced several of their friends to the music of this show.  These kids compete with each other to see who can most flawlessly sing along to the brilliant, fast-paced rap lyrics.

Seeing Hamilton in New York was a magical experience for me.  I can hardly wait to see the musical again at our very own Smith Center as part of their next Broadway Series.


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