Dianna’s got a travel bug….


Dianna Russo has been the managing partner for HRC for 20 years and during that time she also enjoyed her passion for travel and broadening her understanding of world cultures.  She has had the opportunity to travel to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Bali, Japan, Hong Kong, Tahiti and all over the Caribbean.  In 2012, she checked a big bucket list item as she traveled to Europe and went to the Olympics in London.  The trip included two cruises, one around Norway and the other around Scandinavia and a stop in Amsterdam as well as visiting Berlin, St. Petersburg, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden and Belgium.  Next up is a two month stay in Italy in 2018.  Wine is another one of her passions and she will be able to immerse herself in living like a local in Tuscany.  It is so important to allow for time to quench her thirst for exploration and adventure as she accomplishes her goals at work as well as in her personal life.  For Dianna, travel is her hobby but also her motivation to continue to expand her world view and “taste” new experiences as often as she can!

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