Celebrate summer at the beach!


Every summer my family meets up and rents a beach house in Mission Bay, San Diego.  We have my family of 4, my sister’s family (Las Vegas) of 4, brother’s family (Michigan) of 4 and Papa (Michigan) join us.  The weather is always perfect and the cousins are so excited to see each other.  The bay is calm and is perfect for boating activities so, we rent 2 paddle boards for the week and bring a blow up kayak.  In the morning we set up our beach chairs and umbrellas on the beach and just leave to make lunch, take a nap or make a cocktail.  In the evening we just sit around a fire pit and talk.  We only drive the van 1 day while there to go to SeaWorld or LEGOLAND.   We make a Costco run and prepare all our meals at the beach house (torture to go out to eat with young kids).   We have a photographer meet us on the beach, usually the 2nd day (before anyone gets too sunburnt), to capture an entire family photo.  With 6 little kids it is not easy to get a great shoot.  Kids are crying, running into the ocean, laying down in the sand and wives are usually yelling at husbands.  But we always end up with one photo that we love.  I love my family and cherish the one week we spend together each year.






























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