How to Eat Japanese Noodles


Americans eat noodles, such as spaghetti, rolling them around a fork and carrying to your mouth, right? In contrast, we, Japanese, carry them with chopsticks and suck in the noodles with zuzu sound. In the Japanese culture, just like the Western culture, it is rude to make big sounds while eating, but eating noodles, such as soba (buckwheat), ramen and udon, is an exception. Some said that slurping the soba noodles give you better taste because you eat soba with good amount of air with soba’s aroma, and some said that it is the fastest way to eat very hot soup noodles without burning your tongue, before the noodles go soggy.

In recent years, the number of tourists visiting Japan continues to increase, exceeding 20 million in 2016. I heard that many of them enjoyed staying in Japan, but the experience in noodle restaurants.  Our unique noodle eating habit is uncomfortable for them, and it is called “noodle harassment,” which is so sad for us.

If you have a chance to go to a Japanese restaurant and order a noodle dish, why don’t you try the traditional Japanese way?  It is not rude at all, but it might be harder than you have thought.  You must impress the Japanese in the restaurant if you take that way and successfully done.

































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