Finding My Inner Picasso


Growing up I was always the type of person who took extra academic classes. Taking an extra science class instead of music, an extra math class over taking dance, or finance classes instead of photography. As I got older and finished school I began to realize that this didn’t serve me well. What was I going to do in my free time? I had no hobbies!

While browsing deal sites one day I stumbled across a deal for a paint night. The deal claimed that anyone would can create a painting. Hesitantly, I signed up for me first class, being sure to select one labeled as easy.

Going in to that first class I was sure my bird would more likely resemble a blob than any kind of flying creature. But, to my surprise it was not that difficult.  I walked away a few hours later with a painting I would not be embarrassed to hang on the wall and a new hobby. Since that first class I have attended several others and even started painting on my own at home.

There are many places in town that have a similar setup where you pay a small charge, show up and paint. If you would like to try some art but are sure it is difficult, I assure you it’s not as hard as you think. While I have never had a painting I deemed “perfect”, I have decided that the beauty is in the imperfection.

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