20 Reasons to Love HRC – Our Nonprofit Expertise


HRC’s nonprofit expertise is second to none in the Southern Nevada region. With over 150 nonprofit audit, tax, consulting and/or bookkeeping clients, we truly understand the needs of the nonprofit community. Some accounting firms will send their entry level staff to “fill in” with nonprofit work during their slower times, but at HRC, we have committed to provide the same, high-quality, consisted experience to all of our nonprofit clients all year round. Each of our senior accountants and above attends American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) seminars specifically designed for nonprofit continuing education. Additionally, Jackie Matthew, one of our Audit Managers, has completed the new AICPA Not-for-Profit Certification course and three additional team members at HRC are in progress to complete this certification by the end of 2016. We believe in the nonprofit community and have made it our first commitment – and that’s just another reason to love HRC!


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Houldsworth, Russo & Company, P.C. is a public accounting firm providing assurance, tax, and consulting services to non-profit and government organizations, individuals and businesses.  Since 1996 HRC has provided quality service to the Las Vegas and surrounding communities through the active involvement of experienced, committed professionals. 

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