Build a better team….and have fun too!


In my 10 years with HRC I’ve participated in many social and team building events but none have been as popular as surprise days and scavenger hunts!  Our first surprise day was about 7 years ago and we informed the staff we’d be having a mandatory in-service day for personal development.  Being a firm full of accountants, this wasn’t met with any hip, hip, hoorays.  When everyone arrived for the meeting we didn’t get into personality charts and role playing activities – instead there was a scavenger hunt, followed by lunch and then bowling with each activity being announced as the day went on.  This was a very simple and inexpensive day of fun,  team building and shaking off the stress of busy season so it was time to bring it back again.  If you do something every year its not much of a surprise so we try to keep the team guessing what the next adventure might be.

To celebrate the end of our busy tax season, we secretly planned a fun event.  We sent out a cryptic email asking everyone be at the office at 8:52 am, how to dress for the day and to let us know if they had any allergies to peanuts or reptiles (this got them thinking….what in the world are we doing??).  We announced the teams and some basic rules and off they went.  They were free to complete any item on the list and we sent texts to the team captain extra tasks during the 90 minute hunt.  As they completed tasks they had to document with photos and videos to the hunt monitors waiting back at the office.  We had as much fun seeing the photos and videos come in as the teams did creating them!

So if you are looking for a short, fun event to get everyone laughing, having fun together and challenging people to get outside their comfort zone a bit try a scavenger hunt.  If you’re interested in our hunt, please send an email to me and I’m happy to share our list,

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