A (Thorough) Exploration of Sloan Canyon


Back in early March, my husband and I decided that Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area (near the new Inspirada neighborhood in southern Henderson) would be a great place to take a hike on a Saturday morning. The internet was full of information about this popular hiking destination with loads of petroglyphs to see. We packed up the standard bottles of water, put on our hiking shoes, and headed for the Contact Station at the head of the trail. There we picked up a trail map and started the hike. It’s an absolutely beautiful area full of petroglyphs and bright red cacti tucked into rocks.

We expected a 2 hour or so trip, and figured that was just about right when we hit the half-way mark at about an hour. That’s when we somehow managed to lose the trail. What was supposed to be a 4-mile hike ended up being a 9-mile trek through a rocky canyon. And what was one very important item we didn’t have?…Sunscreen. Since there’s little to no shade in the middle of the day (and I was sleeveless), we dealt with sunburns for the next week or two.

I will say we got some great exercise and the area is a wonderful sight to see, so we plan on heading back to figure out where we managed to get off course. We’ll also be sure to download a map of the trail before we head out so we can “see” ourselves on GPS.

Take away message: any hike can last longer than expected, so along with plenty of water and snacks, always bring sunscreen! (And a GPS trail map can’t hurt either).































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