The Joy of Giving


Bottles of water can always be found in the front seat of my teenage daughter’s car and the center console of my minivan.  They are there to share with the people we encounter almost daily at freeway off ramps and busy street corners, holding signs asking for help.  We eagerly roll down our windows and hand out these bottles of water.

This simple and spontaneous act of kindness has been humbling as we are greeted by sometimes toothless smiles but always genuine words of gratitude.  This inspired us to stock our cars with “giveaway packages” that we make from reusable bags and fill with toiletries, snacks, socks, a t-shirt and a ball cap. It is incredible to have a complete stranger say, “God Bless You,” in these quick moments.

My daughter and I have had the opportunity to spend many hours together volunteering at local charities.  Scheduling the time with our busy lives, especially high school students, is challenging.  By always having “something” to hand out to those in need, we both are able to give back much more often.  It always puts true smiles in our hearts to share and it reminds us to be thankful daily for all we have been blessed with.





































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