What are your intentions for 2017?


It is that time of year again when we all feel compelled to make a New Year’s resolution and await the few weeks or months to discontinue the effort and ultimately disappoint ourselves.  Ugh!

This year I would like for you to consider an intention for the year instead.  What do you want to focus on throughout the year to make this a meaningful time for you? Do you hope to be more thoughtful or peaceful as you communicate with others?  Would you like to be more considerate or helpful with your colleagues, family, and friends? Is it time to take care of yourself and find time to rest and relax more often?  Think of how you would like to be rather than what you want to do!

How does this relate to your business or your job?  We all need to grow and evolve as professionals and leaders.  If you consider your intention for how you want to behave and who you want to become, we can develop ourselves and become more impactful, inspiring, reliable, or even happier.  Leadership is more about your behavior than your action.  Think about what your followers see and how can you become even more effective as you also expect these individuals to grow and develop as well!

Here’s to an amazing 2017 for you, your business, your community, and your family and friends.  It starts with you!

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