Audited Financial Statements

Our in-depth financial statement audit extends beyond just the numbers.

HRC’s audit team delves into all areas of your business using our sophisticated technology options to provide you with consistent, quality service whether in a remote, in-person, or hybrid environment.  You will receive not only an audited financial statement, but with information to help you with understanding your risks to enable you to make better decisions for your organization.

Single Audits

Organizations receiving governmental funding function in a highly regulated arena and are accountable to the public and its grantors.

Every grant has different requirements. We design our Single Audit under Uniform Grant Guidance (formerly OMB A-133) audit to respond to the specific requirements placed upon these organizations with the grantor’s viewpoint in mind. To maintain the integrity of the compliance reporting, we report as required by professional standards and work closely with the organizations to enhance policies and procedures.

Financial Statement Compilation Services

We strive to offer our clients a high level of service – and the right level of service.

The level of service and detail provided with audited financial statements may not be necessary for all organizations.  Assistance in compiling financial statements is one of the key services HRC provides to its clients is to help them better understand their businesses to timely financial information is available to make sure everything is operating as it should be.

Financial Statement Review Services

The HRC team performs a standard inquiry of accounting personnel and procedures, as well as analytical procedures on your financial statements with our financial statement review services.

Review procedures require a combination of comparison of your numbers to expectations (analytics) and discussion of those results with you (inquiry). We then offer our opinion with limited assurances.

401(k) Audit and 403(b) Plan Audit

Are you aware of the latest 401(k) audit or 403(b) audit requirements that apply to your business?

The complexities and challenges of maintaining compliance with your organization’s retirement plan make an independent 401(k) audit or 403(b) audit necessary.  HRC has years of specialized experience to provide assurance to your 401(k) or 403(b) plan to ascertain fair presentation and/or compliance of financial information per ERISA regulations and Accounting Services.