HRC Secure Client Portal

HRC is happy to provide a new complimentary service to our clients.

With our new NetClient CS portal you can:

  • Get HRC news
  • Links to help you find useful information
  • Work with HRC wherever…whenever 24/7
  • Access your tax returns and financial statements anytime, anywhere
  • With HRC’s Secure portal, you can exchange files with us, download finished documents and more from any high-speed Internet Connection.
  • Many of the same features available to you via your online portal are available on your mobile device with the NetClient CS mobile app.

Entrepreneurs like you can do business anytime, anywhere. And now, so can your accounting firm. NetClient CS enables you to access your accounting and tax information and work with us from any high-speed Internet connection, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Using NetClient CS is as easy as online banking or shopping, and it’s completely secure.

Once you have received our invitation and complete the registration process, you’re up and running on NetClient CS.   You will have your own secure, password-protected, encrypted online portal that you access from our website. Just log in to our website for instant access.


Document Presentation

View and print tax documents, including finished tax return, drafts or returns, action items and more.

1040 Tax Organizer

At tax time, we’ll use the online 1040 Tax Organizer to collect tax information from you. There’s no need to mail documents or come to our office.

File Exchange

Exchange files with us—any file, any time


It’s easy to log on to your NetClient CS portal anytime, from any Internet connection:

Visit our website

  1. Click on the “client login” link
  2. Log in using your personalized user ID and password
  3. 4 Start using NetClient CS


We’re happy to announce that many of the same features available to you via your online portal are available on your mobile device with the introduction of the NetClient CS mobile app.

FAQs & How To

Is my data and personal information secure?

Our NetClient CS portals are hosted at some of the largest, most secure data centers in the world. It uses the industry’s most advanced security and reliability measures to keep your data safe, including:

Built-in redundancy: Multiple data locations, Internet connections, and power sources keep your portal up and running at all times

Secure password protection: A comprehensive password system provides you with

worry-free access

256-bit encryption: This protects your data as it travels between the data center and your computer


When can I access my documents?

Documents on HRC’s Secure Portal are available to you 24/7.

How do I view the files on the portal?

How do I upload files to the HRC Secure Portal?

You upload to the File Exchange section of the portal.

Watch this short video.

What is the difference between the My Documents Folder and the Shared Documents in File Exchange?

The My Documents folder is a private folder between you and HRC.  Some clients have been set up with a Shared Documents folder.  Anything uploaded to this folder can be seen by you, HRC and any other members of your organization that have been granted permission to view the folder. If you are uploaded sensitive information such as payroll reports, please upload to the My Documents folder.

Do I need to notify HRC I’ve uploaded documents to the File Exchange?

No.  HRC’s Secure Portal automatically notifies HRC staff there is a file waiting for our review.

How will I know my tax return or other documents have been posted to the HRC Secure Portal?

You will receive an email notifying you HRC has uploaded a document to your portal.  The new item will be flagged as “new.”

What should I do if I forgot my user name?

Contact HRC at or (702-) 269-9992.  You will be asked to verify some personal information in order to obtain your user name.

What should I do if I forgot my password?

Choose “Forgot Password” on the portal log in screen and follow the instructions.

Where can I download the NetClient CS app for my mobile device so I can access the HRC Secure Portal when I’m away from my computer?

To download the free NetClient CS mobile app for Apple devices, visit the App Store at: Download the free NetClient CS mobile app for Apple devices

To download the free NetClient CS mobile app for Android devices, visit Google Play at:  Download the free NetClient CS mobile app for Android devices