Jen joined the firm shortly after graduating from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and has been a vital resource in the tax department since then. In her capacity as a senior accountant, Jen is responsible for completing tax returns for individuals and businesses and providing client accounting and advisory services. 

An organized and studious professional, Jen’s personal philosophy of service is simple but effective: “Always try my best.” She chose to pursue a career in accounting because of a life-long love of numbers. She credits her career success to the hard work that she has put in.

Raised in China, Jen describes life in the U.S. as “completely different” than back home. She thinks that moving internationally helped her to become more independent. She enjoys working at HRC because the people are friendly and professional. In her free time, Jen enjoys playing video games and reading books—she especially loves the Harry Potter series because of the magical world and adventures it describes.


  • Bachelor’s degree, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Adventure awaits for Jen around every corner

Senior Accountant

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