Co-Managing Principal

“Kulia i ka nu’u” – Strive to reach the highest.
This was the motto of Queen Kapi’olani and combines my mission of continuous improvement with my Hawaiian roots.

Jacqueline Matthew, CPA

Co-Managing Principal

“Brevity is the soul of wit.” – Shakespeare

Katie Hampton, CPA

I am honored to have been a POW (Professional Officer’s Wife) for 16 years (Air Force).

Lynn Myers, CPA

My husband and I share the same birthday and we share the same wedding anniversary as my parents.

Stephen Matthew, CPA

“A good advisor is passionate about what their clients do, not just the services they can provide. Care about your client’s business as if it were your own.” – Stephen Matthew

Margaret Ruebush, CPA

Assurance Manager

I also have a degree in Fisheries Science, from ages 2 to 6 I lived in Italy.

Dalyce Franz, CPA, CMA

Client Account and Advisory Services (CAAS) Manager

“The greatest thing you will ever give to the world is your commitment to leave what you find in better condition than the way you found it. Leave a single light in a place where there was once darkness so those coming behind you may see further and begin where you left.” — Tonny K. Brown

My personal service philosophy is to be kind in all situations.

I enjoy working with my clients to provide proactive and detailed tax advice.

Shelly Figueredo, CPA

Assurance Manager

I also have a degree in Film and Video Production and am a Bishop Gorman Alumnus.