Jessica Sayles, CPA

Managing Principal

My personal motto is “Continuous Improvement.” I’m always looking for ways that I can learn more, grow more, and contribute more to my own life and the people in my life.

Katie Hampton, CPA

I was a POW (Professional Officer’s Wife) for 16 years (Air Force).

Lynn Myers, CPA

My husband and I share the same birthday and we share the same wedding anniversary as my parents. I was a “Valley Girl.” My favorite job in college was working at a record store.

Jacqueline Matthew, CPA

“Brevity is the soul of wit.” – Shakespeare

Stephen Matthew, CPA

“A good advisor is passionate about what their clients do, not just the services they can provide. Care about your client’s business as if it were your own.” – Stephen Matthew

Shelly Figueredo, CPA

I also have a degree in Film and Video Production and am a Bishop Gorman Alumnus. I am inspired by Tina Fey.

Jennifer Bond

Senior Accountant

I started college on a dance scholarship and was a dance major.

Kunie Sugiyama, CPA

Senior Accountant

My grandmother inspires me. She is so sweet to others and strict on herself.

Margaret Ruebush, CPA

Senior Accountant

I also have a degree in Fisheries Science, from ages 2 to 6 I lived in Italy.

Dalyce Franz, CPA, CMA

Senior Accountant

My son inspires me to live each day to the fullest each day because you never know what tomorrow holds.