Meet Christina Silic, a dedicated and enthusiastic Staff Accountant who joined HRC in 2023. As a part-time member of our team, Christina is eager to embark on a journey of professional growth and specialization in not-for-profit assurance work while she finishes her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accounting programs at University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Prior to joining our firm, Christina spent the past two years as a tutor at the College of Southern Nevada, where she assisted students in math, chemistry, and elementary accounting. Through her guidance, Christina’s students achieved improvements in their test scores and gained a deeper understanding of the subjects. Her commitment to education and helping others thrive is truly inspiring and these leadership skills will serve her well in our industry.

Christina’s personal philosophy revolves around the belief that faithfulness is key in everything she does. She attributes her accomplishments to the unwavering support of her parents and the grace of God. It is this strong foundation that fuels her desire to utilize her math-related talents to contribute to charitable organizations and other entities that support our community.

When Christina isn’t crunching numbers or teaching, she finds joy in exploring her diverse range of hobbies. She occasionally shares her love for Old English Country dancing by teaching others this traditional art form. Additionally, Christina enjoys playing piano, sewing historical costumes, and studying German.

Christina’s guiding philosophy, “Be joyful and do good” from Ecclesiastes 3:12, serves as a simple yet powerful reminder to maintain a positive attitude and take meaningful actions in every aspect of life.

We are delighted to have Christina as part of our team, combining her passion for accounting with her commitment to making a positive impact on the community.


  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Accounting, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (in-process)

Staff Accountant