In 2022, Teri returned to HRC, rejoining our team as the Director of Administration following a five-year hiatus. From 2007 to 2018, she had been an invaluable asset as our Firm Administrator. Teri succinctly captures her role with a powerful statement: “I am here to eliminate any obstacles that hinder success.” Her extensive experience and expertise make her an ideal fit for this crucial position.

Teri’s professional journey began in the retail industry, where she initially found fulfillment at Macy’s before achieving her career goal of becoming a buyer for TJ Maxx. However, she soon realized that this role did not align with her true passion and failed to bring her genuine happiness. Taking a bold step, she took a couple of years to explore personal interests before transitioning into administrative roles within several startup companies. It was during this time that Teri discovered her exceptional organizational and project management skills, recognizing their immense value.

Beyond her professional achievements, Teri possesses a zest for life and a remarkable range of interests. She has amassed over 350,000 miles on motorcycles, embarking on thrilling journeys from Alaska to Mexico and exploring the scenic landscapes of the northwest. For 22 years, Teri actively participated as a member of the inflation and pilot teams responsible for the giant helium balloons in the iconic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Moreover, she serves as a member of flight crews for numerous hot air balloon pilots, delighting in attending festivals across the country. A Jersey girl at heart, Teri has  previously resided in Las Vegas, southern Oregon, Carson City and is happy to be back in  Las Vegas and away from the snow!

Teri’s diverse experiences, unwavering dedication, and passion for overcoming challenges make her an invaluable asset to our team at HRC. With her leadership, we are confident in our ability to tackle any obstacles and achieve unprecedented success.

  • Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor
  • CPAFMA Member
  • Society for Human Resource Management Member
  • Nevada Employers Association Member

Director of Administration

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